Miniature Art
unique in Spain

We are Francisco and Josela, two crafts/artisans with 24 years of experience in the elaboration of Dollhouses and furniture in miniature in scale 1/12. Our work is distributed all over the world.

At present, our private collection, which consists of 40 pieces, is donated to the Museum Association of Dollhouses of Monforte de Lemos and permanently exhibited in the museum.

After 24 years of experience and with what we carry behind us, we going to start this new line of business with professionalism and pleasure for the well done, kits of furniture, using new innovative designs and high quality wood, transmitting in each piece our experience and love for “THE WELL DONE”.

  • Lingerie 30

    The quilts are made of yarn, silk, cotton of line and the lace of Valenciens or Carmariñas..

  • Lamps 0

    Our lamps create with brass and Austrian or Czech glass beads will illuminate your room with elegance and exclusivity.

  • Furniture 10

    Our furniture is made of fine woods; cherry, oak, chestnut... and many of them are in laid with marquetry. Cutting them with laser provides clean and accurate cuts that facilitate assembly.

Unique limited edition kit furniture in Spain

Serialized and numbered in runs of 100 to 150 pieces. We hope that when you assemble one of our kits it will give you the same pleasure as we did it.

Our favourites


From the restoration of dollhouses, furniture, lamps, always using the most modern techniques for miniaturist professionals; to the reproduction of dollhouses and furniture adjusting faithfully to reality. In addition we also have short and long-term workshop for you learn how to make you own furniture and dollhouses.